Audrey Poujoula & Maria Costa « Audria Coscea » .. out now

Following the INCLUSIVES project, the Fair_Play network and Tsuku Boshi Records have decided to continue their joint adventure through a temporary collection presenting female and non-binary composers from various backgrounds: ]FairTsuku[

Each disc will feature two artists, both of whom have « carte blanche ».

For this first reference, we are very pleased to present: Audrey Poujoula & Maria Costa

Audrey Poujoula (France) : Compositrice de musique concrète et électronique.

Maria Costa (Argentina, 1990) is a composer of electroacoustic and contemporary music. She works with soundscapes, objects and different types of synthesis techniques in which she explores different sonic qualities. She has presented her works in Argentina, Brazil, USA, France, Belgium and Australia.

Many thanks to both of them

Mastering : Nicolas Charbonnier