Kevin Gironnay & Mokuhen


Kevin Gironnay & Mokuhen « Kegimo »


Often Mokuhen’s work consists of suites, where the compositions seem to come out of each other. He aggregates the sounds without any prediction, welcomes the accident, lets the peregrinations of his unconscious happen as in an automatic drawing. For this series, based on the work of exchange and interaction on the same « sound sheet », he wishes to share this open space by inviting an artist to take possession of the sounds of a raw recording. And vice versa.
There is no theme, no established rules… The only will is to cross two techniques, two personalities, two worlds that meet and intersect. And listen, discover. We are here more in collage, juxtaposition, collision than in « conversation ». From this creative ping-pong, unexpected images in the form of a sound cut-up emerge. For this series, each title indicates who started which one or the other, in order to offer listeners a clue about this great treasure hunt.