Dentist Teeth Malax – Invitation


In a festival in Montrouge (Paris – June 20 to 24), we invest the dental faculty. The building is very large but not very busy. It dates from the 1960s and offers an atypical atmosphere.…211317!4d2.3154718

We would like to propose a free compilation project to walk around the building. Students will have the possibility to listen even after the festival. Tracks will be played on June 22nd

We would like to invite you to do a track as part of this project. You can do whatever you want, use whatever sounds you want. The only small constraint is to use at least one of the « dental » sounds in the following link

Format : wav
Deadline : 10/06
Duration: no constraint

Send via Wetransfer to tsuku.boshi  @   orange .   fr


Thanks & Welcome