Mokuhen & Zellum – Chronique

As we’ve told you thru the year, fans of the outer realms of electronic music and other experimental sonic endeavors should keep their ears tuned for the weird transmissions coming from Paris-based label Tsuku Boshi. In case you’re playing catch-up, releases like Hippies Wearing MuzzlesPlants in Combination LP, Anti-GrisANIMALS EP, or Mokuhen‘s La Barricade du cygne LP will all provide intriguing entry points. Mokuhen is actually the French musician Laurent Guérel, who also helps head Tsuku Boshi, and today we give a listen to Mokuhen & Zellum‘s ZeMo LP, which came out in the late Fall via the label. Zellum is the sound artist and electroacoustic explorer Lucien Gaudion, and across this album’s three long-playing tracks the musicians collide their particular sounds and techniques like smashing atoms to record the results. Claiming no “thematic” or “established rules”, Zemo is described as more of a “collage” or “juxtaposition” than “conversation”. To this end, as you’ll notice if you take a look at the track titles, Mokuhen and Zellum have each made their compositions from the other’s sounds. While Mokuhen’s composition incorporates plenty of drift and negative space, Zellum opts for a volatile meeting of the minds on his and along the way they each stumble upon “happy accidents” and unforeseen creative intersections.