Anti-Gris : Crónica / Chronicle / Chronik


Not much to go on here ‘cept some wickedly weird sounds outta Barcelona from an artist called Anti-Gris. Looks like his four-song ANIMALS EP is getting set to come out on the Paris-based label Tsuku Boshi, and will feature a strikingly monochromatic album cover by the artist Struan Teague. Anti-Gris’ amorphous compositions are untethered, and even when drums run amuck on a track like “Home – Work“, they are counter-balanced by riveting passages of eerie ambience–making it an intriguing study in contrasting textures. “Juicios (with Indek)” and “Digitos” continue to collide industrial clatter, machine noise, and found sound, but with only the ghost of rhythmic elements remaining. Instead, Anti-Gris employs his sonics in an almost sculptural way, arranging these assemblages with a strong sense of the “negative space” which surrounds them. ANIMALS closes with “Senglar“, a cut which takes a more aggressive tact than the two previous tracks, as abrasive washes of scraping metal and white noise alternate between their rhythmic and tonal qualities–making for a queasy but exhilarating ride.