proposed by Tsuku Boshi
under 10 years of Chica-chic

Anahata gallery
12 Place Notre Dame Grenoble
Opening November 16

« As it is silly , face who has never met a fist ! Fist distributes the eyes, nose and mouth in the face. He assigns them the place that will be theirs now . Simple editing , but that changes everything. The right eye and left eye commute. The lips will be three . And I put myself where? request the nose. It is always a surprise.
Before meeting with his fist , his face floats, it is unclear. The fist is the point on the face . There ‘s face before the fist and face after fist. This second face is the true face , the face revealed that he ought to know.  »

( Excerpt from Scalps , Editions Fata Morgana , 2004)

Inspired by the text « a meeting  » Eric Chevillard , the sound here is like a fist on the floating or fuzzy listening . The hard-hitting reports on the melody. The granular drag brush the eardrum. The composition swells , rushes , invades the listener.
The listener perceives , receives , support , resistance , retains or rejects . Even his choice, he plans « fatally « . A sound, a sound, a composition as a vehicle for his own story. Mental physical brand .

Creations or juxtapositions of existing compositions ,  » hematoma  » is a proposal designed by listening Lawrence Olivier .

Participants include : Clara Iannotta , Julien Vincenot, Florent Caron, Shackle , Emmanuelle Gibello , Mokuhen , Hogo , Akm, Meryll Ampe and others ..