Nicolas Charbonnier & Thomas Carteron

Nicolas Charbonnier, Thomas Carteron

2007-2010, two students composers from music school academy both produce a piece by year. Since, notebooks filled with parts, diagrams and sketches had been lost and statements mislaid. Nursed by the permanent evocation of celebrated composers, those exhumed pieces are now returned to a blank state, as self-denial forms without gestures nor memories. Music as a found object, a lacking story.


Originally designed to be played in an acousmonium, those pieces are now reduced to stereo. The listening space shrinks and foreshortens perspectives. It offers to the cohabiting sounds new links and resonances into an artificial intimacy.

All those pieces, or better said fragments, are about the fragility and the lost of meaning. Subtraction of spaces and words due to memory inconsistencies and lapses ; subtraction and oversights as creative processes : substrates of white noises and residues of reverberations echoing into forgotten places.

Photograph courtesy of Shunsuke François Nanjo

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1. Piece n°3
2. Piece n°1
3. Piece n°5
4. Piece n°6
5. Piece n°2
6. Piece n°4