Essmaa’ Invitation , Carte blanche Tsuku Boshi (free download)

Essmaa’ Invitation, Carte blanche to Tsuku Boshi

In front of the forest. In the field of vision, a source(spring) and roe deers. And then the night, the low moon kissing(embracing) the top of trees. Another day, it is the sun which scrapes the retina, which drills the skin. Sensation which we look for later by diving into the cold water, swimming in the sea up to the last buoys. Of the rain and the light.

There is thing like that. Moments which we hold(retain). Moments of listening, moments of observation, real-life or thought moments. Which(who) remain in you strong, so close to the night, the memories(souvenirs), the dreamed images and the inspired silences

Mix in the shape of postcard elaborated from productions of the label, the extract of live ( » Note for a landscape  » made on June 21st in Paris,  » roji no zawameki  » within the framework of an exhibition(exposure) of drawings of Jizôs in the gallery Talmart in Paris) and of sound captations  » in the course of life « .

Present artists in the mix: Gogooo, Sébastien Roux and Sogar, Leafcutter John, Mokuhen, A.K.M, Felicia Atkinson, Diatribes and 1+1, Greg Davis, Discipline, Lunt, M+A, Peter Prautzsch, Nem Nem, Sutekh, Rainier Lericolais, Yamori Kota, I8u, OttoannA, Aymeric de Tapol

First « diffusion » in 2012 on RadioPanik Bruxelles

Essmaa :
Illustration: detail of a drawing of Mayumi Otero (http: //