Framework radio .. with Aymeric de Tapol

framework radio

the cold is sticking here in tartu, where it’s been between -20 and -30 celsius for more than a week. it becomes a full-time job keeping these wood-heated houses warm at times like these. so some long, slow, warm sounds this week with many harmonic tones from aymeric de tapol, scott sherk and yours truly, murmer. i try not to use framework for my own blatant self-promotion, but if i have a new release out i should be able to play it like any other right? so my new release, a recreation of a piece originally released by the greek absurd label in 2000, features here, mingling nicely with scott sherk‘s amazing array of metallic overtones created entirely by the brakes of freight trains, eric cordier‘s factory recordings, asmus tietchens tunnel recordings, and aymeric de tapol‘s frozen tones. enjoy the sounds, and try to keep warm!

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Album « Static Island » :

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