V.A. Marées de hauteurs diverses … english

V.A. Marées de hauteurs diverses
Released in collaboration with Insubordinations.
Fonts design by Nelly H.

A compilation always looks nice as project, to join together people around one idea or thematic, it has also this obvious promotionnal aspect and purpose. In the present case, starting from the will to establish a collaboration between and « improv » label (Insubordinations) and an « electronic » one (Tsuku Boshi , Série Tsuku Tsuku Grammofon) we agreed on the concept of reworking one of the diatribes’s albums.

Then what about the result ? What is its interest ?
At the end we have in our hands a journey into electroacoustic music, colored by the acoustic and improvised energy of « complainte de marée basse ». It is pretty curious to ear how each musicians used the original material with very different concerns, according to their own usual practice. Some use them as « field recording », others work with sorts of « dub » remixing technics, some turned totally the sounds into their worlds without any attempt to keep a trace of the sources. And none of this sounds wrong, but in every case establishe dialogs between the reworks and originals, showing each time another vision of the role or value of « recorded sound ».

01. Blindhæð – Un fracas d’asthme, de gravier et de ferraille suintante pour Jacques Sternberg
02. Nicolas Bernier – cructacés (remix)
03. Honoré Feraille – the tide is gone on its own
04. Ludger Hennig – retro forensic version
05. Mokuhen – poisson silence, Oki
06. Francisco López – untitled#279
07. Herzog – naufrage (remix)

All tracks based on their corresponding ones from [insubcd02] Complaintes de marée basse, by Diatribes & Abdul Moimême.

Download : V.A. Marées de hauteurs diverses

Edited as 200 cdr, colorprint, 18x14cm, in thin sleeve, it can be ordered via our shop page, or directly with the following paypal button. [10chf, worldwide shipping included]