HOGO « Overpainted Music » .. (english ou presque)

HOGO « Overpainted Music »

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Artist : Hogo
Titre : Overpainted Music
Cover : Mokutan’
Ref : TSKG18

Download : Hogo

Overpainted Music is the sound adventure of a young musician living in Paris . With a saturated tablecloth and a miniaturized melody, a line of guitar redistributed in a more or less random way or three notes of piano, mists put in buckles in the infinite universe of Max / msp, Nicolas draws his bubble in an electronic and contemplative atmospheric moose. A universe between brook and reeds, humming and breath of the wind. Far off, the sound particles are during hours only a tiny immovable bright spot. It is always so surprising to see them arriving, to anticipate the big wind as they will bring. At once ample and celestial. In some centimeters hardly, they spring. Of all their height, their power, their melancholy. Stunned with the landscapes visited