Leafcutter live – Special Punkt Festival show.

Special Punkt Festival show.
On Friday the 2nd of August I’ll be playing Punkt in Kristiansand, Norway. This one is a bit special as I’ll be collaborating with percussionist Audun Kleive to do a live re-mix of the previous set by Koboku Senjû. I’ve no idea what will happen which is the best way!

The days events:

Agder Teater
C u r a t e d b y D a v i d S y l v i a n

17:00 Main Stage: Works by Dai Fujikura (JP) performed by Zilliacus / Persson / Raitinen / Dornbusch (S/FIN)
17:40 Live Remix: Sidsel Endresen / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré (N)
18:30 Main Stage: John Tilbury / Evan Parker / John Russell (UK) / Okkyung Lee (KR)
19:10 Live Remix: Dans les Arbres: Christian Wallumrød / Ingar Zach / Ivar Grydeland (N) / Xavier Charles (FR)
20:00 Main Stage: Koboku Senjû: Toshimaru Nakamura / Tetuzi Akiyama (JP) / Espen Reinertsen / Eivind Lønning / Martin Taxt (N)
20:40 Live Remix: Leafcutter John (UK) / Audun Kleive (N)
22:00 Main Stage: David Sylvian: Plight and PremonitionDavid Sylvian / John Tilbury / Philip Jeck (UK) / Eivind Aarset / Jan Bang / Erik Honoré (N)
22:40 Live Remix: Stephan Mathieu (DE)

Please note: Live Remixes in the Alfa Room are free for Festival pass and Day pass holders, but there is limited capacity.