Diatribes & 1+1

Artist : Diatribes & 1+1
Titre : 152.32
Cover : d’incise
Ref : TSKG13

Download : Diatribes & 1+1

 : Cyril Bondi (drums, objetc) – d’incise (laptop, objects)

 : Laurent Estoppey (sax) – Anne Gillot (recorders)

Recorded in the empty théatre de l’Orientale, Vevey, CH, may 2010.

Duration: 2h32’

What about improvising as we’re use to, but on a much longer time ? How to still produce then interesting music ? How to keep the listener attention ?
On that record we tried to explore deeply a few differente way to play, following a discret time line, improvising in the instant but also with a projection of the music on a larger scale.

Diatribes, a strongly libertarian ensemble, began its existence in a Geneva basement in Winter 2004. Adapting the improvised and experimental music languages of today, the duo is highly reactive, dynamic, percussive and/or textured. Initialy a trio, ! diatribes became a polymorphous formation, accuratly incomplete, extending each time its spectrum with guest musicians, from freejazz to electroacoustic improv, from loud sound wall to intimistic acoustic details, crossing the road of Barry Guy, Keith Rowe, Jason Kahn, Jacques Demierre, Christian Weber, Ernesto Rodriguez, Tomas Korber, Jean Bordé, Mick Beck, etc, travelling through europe to create new entities, with Adbul Moimême in Portugal, Hannah Marshall in England, Rafal Mazur in Poland or HKM+ in Germany.


Since more than 10 year 1+1 explores sounds combinations of two insrtuments that weren’t meant to play togheter.
Playing many concerts of written and imporvised music, collaborate with many musicians and plasticians led them to record and publish 3 albums on vynil,
 disque7plage3 with Stéphan Perrinjaquet in 2003, Steve Reich’s counterpoints in 2005 and Early Ph! ilip Glass’s music in 2007, with Francis Baudevin.
1+1 plays in concerts hall, museums, art galeries, streets.